Step By Step Instagram Hack To Skyrocketing Your Account

Growing your page, part three:

 While doing all this, join shoutout groups, shoutout trains and etc.! A shoutout group usually usually has 7 members, each member gets a certain day in the week they shout someone out, So eventually it will rotate to your turn to being shouted out, and almost every day of the week you’ll be getting a shoutout from someone. Shoutout trains work well too! Essentially people shoutout the previous person who shouted someone out. So, the more you shoutout members of the group, the more you’ll be shouted out in return. You can also join several of these groups to significantly increase your engagement. The more shout for shouts you do, the larger you’ll grow because you’re targeting different audiences (possibly from different niches too), and the larger you are, you can do shout for shouts with larger pages. You basically go up a spiral where the more you grow, the bigger SFS partners and pages you’ll be able to connect with. Make sure you join several “engagement groups.” What that does is boost the amount of comments you get early, and with a certain amount of comments/likes within 10 minutes, you will be put onto the explore page, potentially making you go viral. It’ll snowball you into a bigger page. Once you hit 100k, your page should start taking off on its own, even with minimal work put into it.

Extension of Giveaways:

 Aside from hosting your own giveaway, you can host a giveaway for a company of some sort! It is the same concept, except you have your followers follow the company and yourself too a as well! Usually a company would give you a product or payment of some sort, and in return you host a giveaway on your page that will offer both of you exposure. Everyone benefits from this!

Account Management:

 Do not let anyone run your page! Unless you know them very well personally, I highly suggest not letting or paying anyone to run your page as it is the biggest risk to losing your account. This is also a violation of Instagram’s policy and could result in a  possible account ban.

Buying/Selling Accounts:

Do not buy an account unless you have full intentions of selling that account. People out there know how to recover an account they have created so it is an extremely high risk to buy an account without knowing who created it. Sell accounts higher than market price so they can negotiate with you and lower the price into what you’re really wanting to sell for. I don’t suggest selling your main account to start a new one, feel free to message me more about more detailed  information on this topic.

Managing costs:

What I do is, I get a piece of paper and write down the number, zero. Every time I spend money, it goes into the negatives, and when I earn money, it goes back up obviously! This is just a physical way of keeping track of your profits and costs, without having to have a mental vision of it. If you can, try and remember every dollar you’ve spent so far, and write that negative number down, and when you earn money, cross out the old number and raise it by whatever you earned. It’s just a little tip to keep you motivated to bring that negative number into the positives. Make sure you’re spending as little as possible, and only when you need to, not when you have the ‘extra funds’ to do so. Keep track of which shoutouts from what pages work the best, and roughly how many followers you’ve gained each time. This way you’ll always know the best places to buy shoutouts from, and the most efficient ones to buy from. With all the growing methods above, you should be growing fine, shoutouts are just for going the extra mile to grow a bit more, but it gets expensive after a while.

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