Step By Step Instagram Hack To Skyrocketing Your Account

Lisa Fotios

Let’s get started:

 This multi-paragraph document will include all of my knowledge about growing an Instagram page, monetizing it, going viral, and plenty of other tips you may not know! I’ve split and divided all of my knowledge into several different paragraphs with informative titles below. At any point of reading this guide, feel free to contact me (via DM, or Email) with any questions or concerns you may have. Let’s get started!

Properly Posting Photos:

Content is the most important key to growing a page. It’s the very first thing people are attracted to when visiting your page (followed by your logo, and biography). We are going to start off with knowing exactly what type of content to post. As much as people do it, it is terrible to just screenshot photos off larger pages of your niche. Not only will it be bad quality, you might also get reported or disabled for using other photographers’ photos, without properly crediting them. What you want to do is to make sure you read the caption or tagged people when searching for a photo, so you know exactly who to credit. In fact, you can click into the tagged/credited photographer and take photo directly from their page for maximum quality.

Properly Posting Photos, part two:

Secondly, you need to keep a time track of your posts and know exactly what type of content your followers enjoy and what times to post (the new Instagram Insight Feature would be extremely useful). Stay consistent with posting too. Post about 3-6 times a day, and make sure you post at similar times daily so your followers have a glimpse of your activity and when to expect a new post! This is the best thing to do to show your followers, that you’re active, and consistent. If you can, try to do a colour scheme or pattern with the pictures, so try to make the next post similar (in colour) to the one next to it and below it! Like mentioned before, content is the first thing people see, and they’ll be even more attracted if you incorporate a pattern or colour scheme to the photos. This will also separate your page from the thousands of pages out there posting the same content.

Going Viral:

The best way to get a viral post? Choose a post that already went viral! The odds are, not all 7 million people on Instagram have seen that post, so it’s likely you’ll go viral again even with the same photo or video. If you see a post that’s perfect for your niche with hundreds of comments, save it, and repost it. Try to avoid captions that are too long. Most of your followers would rather see quality content, not quality words in your caption (that comes later when you have a bigger following). The 5 things to always remember is to have a high quality photo, a viral photo, proper hashtags (according to your specific niche), tag other pages, and a well worded and formatted caption. The best way to find viral photos is by going on similar pages and going through their last 10-15 photos and calculating their average like per post. If one or two posts have at least 2x the amount of likes, then that post has gone viral.

Expanding on Posting and Going Viral:

As with every social media platform, having a photo or video go viral is one of the best things that could happen. Not only does it increase your overall engagement and reach, it skyrockets your growth! Using previously viral photos is a great way to go viral, and on top of that, make sure to take advantage of engagement groups! Buying a shoutout from a bigger page, or doing shout for shouts with others while you have a potentially viral photo on your feed will increase the chances of it going viral. Before posting any photos, make sure you like a bunch of comments on a photo, on a bigger page of your niche. This way by the time they check the notification that you have liked their comment, they’ll also check out your page which is a new potential follower! If you’d like to be unique and not post other people’s viral photos, create your own! I suggest using editing software and make a photo that is rarely seen and extremely different. For instance, a water slide inside the ocean, people using a laptop under water, standing on top of tall building and doing crazy things. These are all examples of rarely seen, unique photos.

Being unique and not reposting other photographers’ photos:

Let’s expand on the topic of being different and not just being a repost page. You can always create your own content, and edit things into real photos, or etc. Some people like to be unique and have their own style of photos, which isn’t bad at all! You avoid any chance of being copyrighted as you have created all the photos yourself. You have a very high chance of being featured by random repost pages because they’re all constantly looking for new photos to post (basically free shoutouts from plenty of random people). You are not limited to a single niche, we means you’ll have a greater audience (I will expand on this later). You can easily incorporate patterns or colour schemes into your photos which will make your page more attractive at first glance. The best part about being unique and creating your own content is because you can create a brand for your own name.

Branding your name:

You may not need this but it is still great knowledge to know incase you decide to brand your personal page later on. Creating a brand for your name is simple. It usually works best for motivational pages, quote pages, and etc. because you connect with your followers on a personal basis – to an extent. Your followers will know your name and associate it with motivation and inspiration. Make sure your content and photos are unique, and different from everyone else’s. Branding your name can give you several benefits later down the road, as it opens you to several more opportunities other pages don’t get, such as becoming a motivational speaker, public speaker, and etc.. In my experience, pages who have branded their own name have the most engaged audience, which in return drive insane traffic sales for them. So, if they partake in affiliation or commission deals, they’ll always make more doing so than to get paid per advertisement posted.

What Niche Should You Go Into?

“What niche should I start?” “What niche makes the most money?” “Which niche is the most popular?” These are all questions that are constantly asked on a daily basis. Your niche should depend on what you’re passionate about and what your end goal is. If your end goal is to travel, be free, and you enjoy scenery photos, you definitely should start a travel niche page. If you enjoy collecting cars, or seeing insane car collections, you know what to do. If your end goal is to be a motivational speaker, provide inspiration, brand your own name, make sure to start a quote page to inspires on a daily basis. If you enjoy luxurious photos, start a luxury page! If you have no idea what niche to start, do a luxury page. Why? Luxury includes cars, watches, travel, a lot of luxurious topics. This way you’re not limited to one single audience, you’ll have attention from ALL audiences of all niches, which means you’ll potentially grow bigger than every other single niched page.

Expanding on Niche Choice:

Do not start a page and go into a niche because of the money. You’ll eventually lose interest and you won’t have passion for it. With passion, comes money, growth and success. Choose your niche wisely and put 100% effort into building on it. As long as you’re enjoying the journey, you’ll never get bored of working hard, because it’ll seem like you’re hardly working from all the enjoyment! Do some research on all possible niches, most popular niches, and least popular niches (you’ll have a higher chance of being a top page in that niche).

Benefits of Being at the Top of your Niche

What are the benefits of being at the top of your niche? You will be known by almost every smaller page in your niche. You will be setting the market prices for advertisements. Companies will almost always prefer you as you offer the largest audience in your niche. Large pages of other niches will potentially collaborate with you so you’ll grow from that too.


Let’s go onto the next topic; we will expand on ‘hash-tagging’ properly for your specific niche. You only get approximately 30 hashtags per photo so you want to stay away from using things like “likeforlike,” “followforfollow,” “commentforcomment,” and etc.. It is a waste of space and attracts ‘bot’ likes and/or followers. I suggest looking at a bigger page in your niche and use their hashtags! You can use the general hashtags such as “instadaily,” “photooftheday,” and etc.. If you would like me to send you a good set of hashtags to use, message me about it! Now we will expand on tagging people/pages in your photos. You should always be tagging a lot of people (preferably bigger pages in your niche), it attracts attention from them, and their followers who check their tagged photos. For example, I always like photos I am tagged in, and once I like it, all of my followers should see that I liked a photo and they’ll most likely check it out too. By doing this, you’ll be attracting the bigger page that is tagged, along with new potential followers from their end. You could also do “tag for tag” with other big pages, where both of you constantly tag each other in each other’s photos for more attraction!

Making your page a sales-page (monetizing your page):

Now for the most asked question of all time, “How do you monetize your page?,” “What type of clients are you going to get?,” “What type should you be targeting?,” “How do you find these clients?” Well, here is your answer. As you should know by now, sell shoutouts, advertisements, and promotions. Shoutouts are ones that usually shoutout smaller pages in yours, or other niches, in hopes of helping them gain followers from your end. Advertisements are ones that are for companies, and products from other pages in hopes to drive traffic into their businesses. Promotions include all type of products, including e-products as well. These should be your base income from your page. Your clients should consist of smaller pages in your niche, entrepreneurs with eBooks, newsletters, email lists, and product advertisements or simple caption shoutouts! How do you find these clients? Search any page that you know, scroll through their posts and check the caption. If they’re shouting someone out, it is most likely you can tell if its a client or not, and if they are, simply reach out to that same client promoting your own services. If the client has previously paid for a shoutout, they’ll most likely do it again. Once you’re bigger, you’ll be able to earn money from several different pages and it should be a steady couple thousand dollars a week, just from posting photos for others. Make sure you’re not building your page and/or business to solely earn money. You need to have a passion for this business, then the money will follow (as mentioned before). Make sure you review your followers feedback, and make sure you’re not overwhelming them with ads or shoutouts! Evenly spread out the advertisements or you’ll start losing followers. They’re much more important than any ad you could possibly post. Keep them happy, keep them entertained, and they’ll make you rich.

Communicating with bigger pages:

The one thing you never want to do is annoy them too much! Most big pages genuinely like having company and talking to people about business, but make sure you stay away from asking for discounts or trying to get them to refer clients to you, or even free shoutouts. If you’re going to communicate with larger pages, make sure you show appreciation and respect, and they’ll reciprocate the feelings to you. Feel free to ask for tips, and little tricks on anything, most people are friendly and are willing to help without giving too much away.

Communicating with your followers:

A hint to skyrocketing growth. The second most important thing for growth, after content, is to ALWAYS interact with your followers. Engage with them, talk to them, joke around with them! Whether they’re giving you tips on what to post, commenting with compliments on your post, direct messaging you, always reply to them. Any feedback in whatever area should always be appreciated. Those will be your loyal, long-term followers who will always be active on your page, and looking to talk with you on every post. These followers will be the most engaged ones, which will help drive you traffic for any sales later on (commissions/affiliations).

Commissions and Affiliation Deals:

This should be your second source of income from your page (after advertisements and promotions).

Most of the time companies offer an affiliation deal, or commission deal. In other words, they will pay you a certain percentage of money per sale for every sale you get them. This means you’ll most likely have your own discount code, or promotional code for your followers to use, and for the companies to track the amount of traffic you drive them. I mentioned in the paragraph before, your engaged followers will be your best ones as they will be a majority of your income. Keep your followers happy, engaged and comfortable, and in return, they’ll make you money from sales and other forms of affiliations. Affiliations sometimes earn you more money than paid advertisements do, but that’s only if your followers are engaged with your posts and enjoy your content!

Growing your page, or any page you start:

The second most frequently asked question? “What are the best methods to grow?” Here’s the big secret reveal. First thing you want to do is to turn on your post notifications for a bigger page in your niche (works for luxury, cars, quotes, travel, etc). Once the bigger page posts, you will be notified, and you need to  immediately go and follow the first few likers and commenters. Those should ALWAYS be your first likers and commenters as well. A great new feature Instagram has added is to like comments (similar to facebook), and you need to like several comments on other people’s posts to attract more attention onto your page.

Growing your page, part two:

Once you’re above about approximately 50k you’ll be larger than the average business Instagram page, which means you can switch to targeting smaller quote pages and essentially ‘steal’ their followers. Do the same method of following, liking, and liking comments with the post notification, notification, and follow the first few likers/commenters. If they’re willing to follow a small page, they’ll most likely follow you back if you have a bigger audience, and/or better content. Simply following is not enough though, make sure you engage with them. Which means, while you follow, make sure to drop a few likes and comments on their photos as well. You will raise your chance of getting a follow back by 60%. The larger you grow, the higher chance they’ll follow back. For instance, I can simply go to a random page at my size, like one photo and it is almost a 100% chance I’ll get a follow back from them. Make sure you don’t follow too many at once, I’d say 50 every 5 minutes is the best to stay away from getting temporarily restricted from following or commenting.

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