I thought I would live as a diabetic all my life. Now and an Ex Diabetic thanks to fig leaves

1 Rich in fiber. Fig is one of those fiber-rich foods that everyone should really be consuming. The fiber content of fig fruit is very helpful in improving the digestive system by giving it a boost. And because it can boost a person’s digestion process, this fruit is also recommended for overweight or obese people, or to anyone trying to lose some pounds. Fig is very easy to digest so you don’t have to worry about any side effects occurring in the stomach.

2 Prevent ulcer. By eating fig, one’s digestive system is being improved. Because of that, there is certainty that the stomach is protected from any kind of acid reflux and sores in the lining of the stomach. This also makes the fruit a good treatment for ulcer so if you are experiencing such condition then just chew a few fig leaves and swallow the juice you got from it.

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