20 Weird Things Discovered In Antarctic Ice


This flow of red liquid in the middle of snow kingdom has been confusing scientists since the beginning of the past century. In 1911 an Australian geologist first discovered the ‘blood waterfall’ and the quest to solve this riddle began. Scientists understood very quickly that the water was red due to the high iron content, but they were able to prove the theory and find the source of red water only at the beginning of 2018.

It turned out that there’s an underground lake not far from the falls with water full of oxidized iron, which gave the water this color. Puzzle solved.


Have you ever heard about Abraham lake in Canada full of mesmerizing ice bubbles? If yes, have you ever wondered what these bubbles are? It’s frozen methane which comes from microbes digesting organic matter in water. Methane is a greenhouse gas worse than carbon dioxide and although it looks beautiful when frozen, it poses a serious threat to mankind’s well-being.

Right now huge amounts of methane are frozen and hidden in the ice of Antarctica, but if glaciers continue to recede it may lead to the explosion of a ‘methane bomb’ which we’d better avoid. After all, it’s all in our hands.

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