10 Things Moms Shouldn’t Do With Their Babies

Some actions that may seem innocuous are contraindicated for babies and young children. Here are 10 things you can not do when looking after a baby.

The number two is really dangerous don’t ever think to try it with your child

10# Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs should never be used to clean the ears of babies and very young children. To avoid piercing the eardrum or hurting it if it moves, use a warm, moist washcloth with which you will simply wipe your ear without entering the ear canal.

09# Pillows, cushions, and cubs

To prevent your child from suffocating, it is best to put no pillow in his crib. You should also avoid tissues and cushions to be placed around the crib. Indeed, they could wrap the face of your baby who inadvertently moved and he probably would not be able to turn around if he ran out of air. The cubs are also a risk, even for your child a little bigger because they could be used to climb … and fall.

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