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Schizophrenia and Vitamins B3 Niacin and Vitamin D

Schizophrenia is a rare mental disorder it affects 1 percent of global population and it is linked to vitamin B3 niacin and vitamin D. People with vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin D deficiency can suffer from schizophrenia. Not everybody but some can suffer from this disorder. It has been found people living in isolation will suffer from the above vitamin deficiencies which can lead to schizophrenia. There are many prescriptions to treat this mental illness but it can also be done by simply doing regular exercise and maintaining a good healthy diet. It takes time to recover from schizophrenia, therefore it is recommended that you do regular blood check-ups to check your vitamin deficiency in your blood. Medication will treat schizophrenia but it will also cause some negative side effects. Generally speaking, a deficiency, its vitamin D will lead to weight gain and depression. Therefore, it is recommended that you take daily walks for at least 1 hours a day to get sufficient vitamin D on daily bases. Niacin are found on whole meal such as cereals and bread. You can also take vitamin D and vitamin B3 supplements, have a chat with your doctor first. Niacin supplements will cause a slight flush, meaning you will sense a burning sensation after taking the supplement. Lastly, I want to highlight that there are many diseases, including mental health that can be treated with diet, nutrition and exercise.

Treat and Cure Coughing with Honey and Turmeric

Dry or wet cough can be cured without medical medicine, today we will discuss how to treat and cure any kind of coughing with honey and turmeric.

After long winter coughing is a common symptom among many men, women and children. You certainly do not need to take medication is order to treat and cure this condition. I will share with you 2 natural, homemade cures that will help you to treat and cure any kind of coughing problems in a matter of days. These 2 natural and herbal treatments are composed with: honey, turmeric, hot water and salt. Unlike medical medication, natural treatments do not cause any sort of negative long-term side effects. In order to treat wet or dry coughing with honey and turmeric you need these 2 ingredients. Next mix them with a spoon and take a sip. You do not need to take too much honey or turmeric. A handful is sufficient. Just make sure to take this recipe 3 times a day after each meal.

Another good way to seek relief from dry or wet cough is to gargle hot water mixed with salt every morning and before sleeping at night. Doing this for a few days you will notice a great relief and soon you will be cured. The 2 natural cures share in this article works better than medical medicine because it does not use any sort of artificially made chemicals. That is, it! hopefully you found this article useful and if you like it, kindly share it with you friends, family via social media.

How to Whiten Teeth at Home with Baking Soda

A lot of people ask me this question, how to get whiter teeth naturally at home. Today we will discuss ways to get your teeth whiten at home with baking soda.

Ever wonder why many models have whiter teeth and a great smile? The reason why they are so successful in their careers and life is because they take care of their oral hygiene regularly. Baking soda has been used for hundreds of years in making whiter teeth naturally without any sort of medical treatment. This natural treatment still works and it is recommended by several medical dentists. If you want to get whiter teeth without asking your dentist for medical treatment than you must do the following:

1. Brush your teeth with teeth whitening toothpaste once a day for at least 1 week. This is recommended for a good oral hygiene.

2. Brush your teeth with baking soda and rinse it well. This will whiter your teeth without medical treatment.

3. After brushing your teeth mix lemon and salt and rub your teeth with it. This will strengthen your teeth for old age. 

That is, it! Follow all the above tips for a week and you will get whiter teeth naturally without your dentist concern. Lastly for an added note I want to share with you a common question that I have been ask frequently: The reason you are asked to brush your teeth every morning is for pure fresh oral breath. Ideally you want to brush your teeth after you eat a meal. And what makes your teeth clean is your toothbrush not your toothpaste. The toothpaste is for fragrance only.

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